Time--2017 A to Z Theme

My theme for the 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge is "Time". The posts will be more philosophical, contemplative, and even autobiographical than instructional. No time management tips planned, but you never know with A to Z.

Always a work in progress--welcome to my blog...


Saturday, April 22, 2017

Same Time Next Year (#atozchallenge)

     When you no longer have to say "Let's do this again next year" and everybody concerned just expects something is going to happen at the same time, then a tradition has been established.  Keeping a tradition works unless everyone gets pissed off at each other and they stop doing it.  Well, that is with the exception of elections when everyone traditionally becomes pissed off at each other and they keep doing it anyway.

Same Time Next Year

       All societies seem to develop certain traditions whether they be based on times of religious significance, historical remembrance, or whatever it might be that a culture deems worth recognition and celebration.   Most of us welcome holidays as times for getting away from work or school and having an excuse to go someplace, to party, or to just stay home and relax.  And as though the societally accepted days of recognition were not enough, we and our families come up with our own additional special days.

         We tend to celebrate birthdays, anniversaries, and other noteworthy dates with parties, cards, gifts, dinners, or some kind of recognition.  There are annual communal gatherings to watch recurring events like the Super Bowl or the Oscar Awards.  If something's worth celebrating then it's more fun to do it with people whose company you enjoy.

        Now many of us can add the Blogging from A to Z April Challenge to the "same time next year" event schedule.  When I started that first Challenge in 2010 I didn't think about it becoming an annual event.  Then when I saw the level of interest and how many people wanted to do it again, same time next year was a natural response.  Now here we are seven years later doing the eighth annual Challenge.  I guess we can consider this Challenge as an annual blogging tradition!

        Are there any traditions that you have established with family or friends?  Do you enjoy attending family gatherings or other similar social events?    Are you already planning to come back same time next year for another Blogging from A to Z April Challenge?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Racing the Clock (#AtoZChallenge) (#BOTB winner)

Racing the clock can be exhilarating while you're at it, but I'd much rather take my time and enjoy the scenery as I stroll through life.

Racing the Clock

       The pace of life can go so fast that we often lose track of what is around us as we go forward.  We spend our lives stuck between yesterday and today, never completely sure of what lies ahead and often oblivious of the things we missed along the way.  The racer will focus on the prize that awaits at the finish line while often missing out on those gems that are passed by along the way to that final destination.  Clocks might stop, but time races on as we are swept forward.   In the race of life, the winner is not the one who reaches the end first with the fastest speed.

Battle of the Bands Results

        Speaking of races, my last Battle featuring the song "In Between Days" originally done by the Cure was a horse race from the starting gate.  Then in the final stretch, the Ben Folds version took the lead to leave Cementerio Club in the dust.

          My vote could go for either of these fine performances, but I'll cast mine along with the winning team.  The frantic pace of the Ben Folds version seems more appropriate for the racing theme I've presented in this post though a good case can be made that the version Cementario Club captures the spirit of the lyrics in a more appropriate way.  So it's Ben Folds for me in this Battle.

Final Vote Tally

Ben Folds                10 votes

Cementerio Club        6 votes

Next Battle of the Bands on Monday May 1st!

         We're in the final stretch of the 2017 Blogging from A to Z April Challenge so just a few more posts until I wrap up my series on the It's About Time theme.  I hope you stay with me until the end.   Then I definitely hope you'll join me for my next Battle of the Bands post when I'll have a song chosen especially in honor of the occasion of the end of another Challenge.

          Is your life more of a rat race or a pleasant stroll though the park?   How do you slow down to enjoy life better?   Do you enjoy it when you are faced with deadlines and a pressure to get things done?


Thursday, April 20, 2017

Quality Time (#AtoZChallenge)

         I spent some quality time with my television last night.  I don't think my television appreciated that time that I put in.  My wife didn't mind because she was devoting some of her own quality time to sleep.  She probably made the more constructive choice.

Quality Time

         For years I've heard the term "quality time."   It's one of those pop phrases that people throw out there to describe something they'd like to do and often think they do, but it's questionable as to what the term actually means.  My assessment is that it means different things for different people in relation to different things.  Sounds like a bit of a cop out I guess, but I'm sticking to it.

          Usually we think of quality time as having to do with our kids, family, or friends.  But in reality we should probably try to inject quality into all of the time we are given.  My goal should be to provide quality time to myself just as I would to a loved one.

           Our jobs, our passions, or whatever we pursue should consist of time that has as much quality as we can put into it.  After all, time that has no quality is essentially wasted time or useless time.  Or better still we might call it perfunctory time.

          I've never been particularly fond of the concept of killing time or just passing time for no reason or purpose.  And keep in mind that time spent reflecting or daydreaming is not time ill spent.  Those minutes or hours can be some of the best and most rewarding passages of time of all.  Quality time devoted to ourselves.

          We should look at our time with our loved ones as high quality time since those times are fleeting.  Our memories of those times should be filled with happiness.  But time itself is our most enduring friend--or in some cases enemy.  If I can befriend my enemy then my time can be filled with quality.

         What do you consider to be quality time?   Do you feel you often miss the quality and shoulder a burden of time?   Do you receive all of the quality time from others that you would like?